the nutter bypass

Step 15: Unplug the vacuum line at the distributor and plug.
So here are some pictures and a description of the steps involved.
I had to remove my washer fluid and overflow reservoirs to get to the module.'86 CJ-7 Laredo:.2,T-999,D300,D30/D44 94 YJ tub, F-T shackle reversal, bolt-on bonanza '83 Scrambler: time money pit under construction.I decided to create this post so it might help someone out.I can actually use my 5th gear on the highway where it is generally flat even with my 33s.Twist until you meet about the same coil as the stock wires.Re-routing wiring: Steps 3-11, here is a link to a diagram of before and after wiring.Cut the purple wire and strip the end.Step 10: Attach your extra 16 gauge wire from orange at ignition module to orange from distributor.The interactive transcript could not be loaded.Step 23: Start the vehicle and re-check the timing.Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help if I can.
Attach the two wires that you extended earlier.
Stepper Motor Needle adjustment: Steps.
Or, do as I did and simply color both ends of one wire so you know which wire goes to which color once they have been twisted.And said his muffler guy told him its not breathing traumfrau gesucht 2016 peter right.I know I few folks have reposted it since the original article was removed.Start Engine, adjust for 8* btdc, stop engine.Step 17: Locate the timing marks on the front drivers side of the engine.To get your stepper pins the way you want them, the easiest way would be to remove the stepper motor from the back of the carb and adjust the pins, then re-insert and affix the motor to the carb.Steps 12-13, step 12: At the carburetor, remove the vacuum line that is currently going to the distributor and plug the outlet you just removed it from.Step 8: Cut two lengths of extra 16 gauge wire to reach from ignition module to firewall where you cut wires in step.Should be like this: Clamp the pickup onto the #1 plug wire, then hookup the negative lead to the negative side of the battery, then the positive to positive on battery.

I can tell you for me it was totally worth.