A second set of prostitution allemagne illimité numeric data shows up in the tables as well.
With the direct drive motors this is easy.
But when the controller is doing PWM, then the current through the motor is higher than the battery current by the inverse of the PWM duty cycle.Battery Current Limit: This is the controller current limit, and reflects the maximum current that the controller will draw from the battery before automatically entering a PWM current limited mode.In a glance you can see that a given setup will climb a 10 grade at 8kph, 5 grade at 19 kph, 3 at 28 kph etc.This effect is most pronounced in high speed geared motors (e.g.The Grade option conveniently shows in a single plot the speed at which you'd expect to climb any given grade of hill.That is because of the inductance of the motor windings.If the motor output power and human power exceeds the load power of the vehicle, it will accelerate.
Thrust naturally increases as you select smaller wheel sizes, while the torque of the motor is independent of wheel diameter.
Even though the graphs don't display far into the negative region, you can use the numeric tables to see generated power deep into regen mode.
If you do not know the resistance of your pack, then try to find this info from the manufacturer or vendor.So for instance, a nominal 36V LiFePO4 pack sits at about (12 cells *.3V/cell).6V, and not 36V.The numeric data is grouped into 3 categories: Graph, this data here corresponds exactly to the graphical power, efficiency, torque, and load data that has already been described above.It can be estimated from the resistance of 2 mosfets (one high side, one low side) plus the controller- motor lead resistance based on the wire gauge.It also includes the motor.So for instance the "12Ah" SLA option has an actual capacity of just under 8Ah due to the Peukert effect.Doing a full characterization of a hub motor takes a lot of our time and is done at our discretion.When there is no Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) going on in the motor controller (full throttle and moving fast enough that the battery current is under the motor controller current limit) then the amps flowing out of the battery is effectively the same as the amps flowing.How come the torque keeps going up at lower speeds even though the amps is fixed by the current limit?If the motor current is not limited by the controller in any way, then the peak power happens at between 40-50 of the motor 's unloaded rpm.Custom Controller: Controllers are currently modeled as having a battery current limit, phase current limit, and your choice of a voltage throttle (typical ebike controller a torque throttle (common with field oriented controllers or an amps throttle (commonly done via a V3 Cycle Analyst).It is very common to run hub motors for short times at loads that cannot be sustained continuously, most steep hills are over in a matter of minutes rather than hours.