You need to use jQuery to do this.
It's actually dead simple.Did you know you can use this property to make images completely round?Anything else will still be rounded, but you'll end up with an elliptic shape which may or may not be desirable.Property border-image.0.0 -webkit-.0.0.5 -moz-.0.1 -webkit-.0.0 -o-, note: See individual browser support for each value below.Try.img-circle, shapes the image to a circle (not available in IE8).(Don't worry, if they're still using IE8 they're used to blocky things anyway.).Description, lovoo sexkontakte example.img-rounded, adds rounded corners to an image (not available in IE8).Previous, next, bootstrap Images, rounded Corners: Circle: Thumbnail: img Classes, the classes below can be used to style any image: Class.This approach gives you the abbility to have dynamic images and do them round no matter the size.
CSS Syntax border-image: source slice width outset repeat initialinherit; Property Values, more Examples, example Different slice values completely changes the look of the border: #borderimg1 border: 10px solid transparent; padding: 15px; border-image: url(g) 50 round; #borderimg2 border: 10px solid transparent; padding: 15px; border-image: url(g).The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the property.Ever since the introduction of border-radius, the web has gotten a lot less square.Bootstrap uses for rounded images, but you don't need an entire framework just to achieve this simple effect: It's worth mentioning that if you want to keep things perfectly round, use an image with the same width and height.I'm testing my solution as we speak and sofar it's worked on Chrome Safari on my Mac and iPhone!Demo div class"container" img src" class"image" alt"lambo" / /div /script var container.container image nd img /css.container height: auto; overflow: hidden; border-radius: 50;.image height: 100; display: block;.Try.img-responsive, makes an image responsive (will scale nicely to the parent element).