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Bordeaux's white wines are generally blends.
Retrieved "National Commission for Decentralised cooperation".Next to Bordeaux, Charlemagne built the fortress of Fronsac ( Frontiacus, Franciacus ) on a hill across the border with the Basques ( Wascones where Basque commanders came over to vow loyalty to him (769).In Autumn 845, count Seguin II marched on the Vikings, who were tipps fur frauen date assaulting Bordeaux and Saintes, but he was captured and executed.Union Bordeaux Bègles is a rugby team in the Top 14 in the Ligue Nationale de Rugby.For the ocean liner, see.In the second round, Noël Mamère was re-elected with.82 against.18 for his right-wing rival.The system was controversial for its considerable cost of installation, maintenance and also for the numerous initial technical problems that paralysed the network.
The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 7 km (4.3 mi while 8 travel for over 12 km (7.5 mi) in a single direction.When bauer sucht frau gehalt the spring is wet, the Merlot flowers poorly, leaving the Cabernet Sauvignon to take up the responsibility of providing a good harvest.Another ring road is under consideration.This pedestrian-only shopping street has.2 kilometers (0.75 mi) of shops, restaurants and cafés; it is also one of the longest shopping streets in Europe.In May and June 1940, Bordeaux was the site of the life-saving actions of the Portuguese consul-general, Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who illegally granted thousands of Portuguese visas, which l'escorte streaming vf were needed to pass the Spanish border, to refugees fleeing the German Occupation.Schools edit Bordeaux has numerous public and private schools offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs.Historically the left bank is more developed because when flowing outside the bend, the water makes a furrow of the required depth to allow the passing of merchant ships, which used to offload on this side of the river.Major companies edit This list includes indigenous Bordeaux-based companies and companies that have major presence in Bordeaux, but are not necessarily headquartered there.This article is about the city in France.See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. .Bordeaux's climate is moderated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the presence of the various rivers (the Dordogne, the Garonne and the Gironde Estuary into which they flow).Archant Community Media Ltd.Rue Sainte-Catherine in 1905 The 18th century was the golden age of Bordeaux.

The ground was formerly known as the Stade du Parc Lescure until 2001, when it was renamed in honour of the city's long-time mayor, Jacques Chaban-Delmas.
In 735, the Aquitanian duke Hunald led a rebellion after his father Eudes's death, at which Charles responded by sending an expedition that captured and plundered Bordeaux again, but did not retain it for long.
They were meant to keep the Basques in check and defend the mouth of the Garonne from the Vikings when the latter appeared.